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A meal is nasi in bahasa. So, good morning a meal, mean: Nasi selamat pagi, just for title.

Kind of breakfast in all of the world difference but I don`t know how many kind.  In my country, Bubur ayam, Bubur kacang, Kupat tahu, nasi kuning, nasi goring, lontong sayur and many more are kind of breakfast food. In modern city like Jakarta, Bandung or other business city the people eat bread or oat meal for breakfast. It is healthy food, but for me it`s not enough. I need a meal, and that’s enough.

I like nasi uduk with topping: egg, Tempe, kerupuk and the last is noodle.
Sometimes I were thingking, why in “Nasi Uduk” topping should include noodle? Nasi uduk is carbohydrate and noodle too. I was wondering who is the masterpiece of nasi uduk ?
Maybe there`s someone who change the reciepe, maybe long time ago topping nasi uduk is rendang, of chicken nugget or maybe sate, no one know.
After i work in new factory here, almost everyday I always breakfast with nasi uduk. In factory canteen there is 2 kind of Nasi uduk, but I like nasi uduk with green sambal. Just like I wrote in first paragraph, one of topping nasi uduk is noodle, hehehe…
I have bought nasi uduk in Tangerang (when I work in textile companies), the topping is noodle (bihun) with vegetable and eggs also chips same as I bought in my company canteen. But the different is the meal, in tangerang the meal of nasi uduk have a taste and in company canteen tasteless, it`s just same with ordinary meal. I think that is the difference.
Nasi uduk, I don’t know where they come, but in Bandung or sumedang (My growth land) not familier, nasi kuning, bubur ayam, surabi more famous. I`ll tell later about that food. Now I will close this article.
Thank you then googling